Zero Injury Target

Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees is one of the most important issues for the industrial minerals industry, and the sector has put a significant amount of energy and efforts into improving safety at work. Nevertheless, the perception of the sector is diverse and we are sometimes pointed at as being part of a mining industry and showing bad records in terms of safety.

In 2010, the IMA Board therefore decided to launch a yearly collection of safety statistics across all its member companies in a systematic and harmonised way.

Two collection exercises have been organised so far. As soon as the data will be judged consistent and representative enough, those statistics (Frequency Rate of Accidents) will be published on this website. These will hopefully show a positive trend of the safety performance of the industry.

The preliminary results of the first two years of safety statistics however indicate that the accident performances of the industrial mineral sector are not satisfying. As there is a general consensus that that there is no higher priority for the minerals industry than the health and safety of the people it employs, the IMA Board recommended to launch an effective accidents prevention strategy starting in 2013.

An aspirational target of zero injuries for the sector was agreed and is to be reached in two phases:

  1. A 50% reduction in the IMA LTIFR by 2016
  2. A further 50% reduction by 2020

This Target Zero Injury strategy is designed around four pillars:

  • Obtain commitment from IMA-Europe companies’ top management,
  • Reinforce data collection, with the aim to reach 100% reporting,
  • Exchange experiences: anonymous company safety alerts (on serious and fatal accidents) will be shared between members with recommendations on how to prevent them,
  • Organise IMA Safety Awards rewarding companies showing the best improvement performances in safety.