IMA-Europe contributed to setting-up the SPIRE PPP, a proposal for a European public-private partnership dedicated to innovation in resource and energy efficiency in the process industries. Gathered within A.SPIRE aisbl, more than 50 process industry stakeholders from 8 different sectors and over a dozen countries are joining forces to develop and promote innovative technologies and best practices enabling them to reach two ambitious objectives for 2030: reducing fossil energy intensity of up to 30% from current levels; reducing non-renewable, primary raw material intensity of up to 20% from current levels.

No fewer than 10 industry sectors have contributed to the development of SPIRE, via European Technology Platforms and Industry Associations. Representatives of th  steel, chemicals, water, non ferrous metals, glass, cement, ceramics and of course minerals industries have joined forces and set up common aspirations for innovations in resource and energy efficiency in their sectors and beyond.

Through purposeful cooperation, SPIRE is developing into a practical roadmap, aiming at developing the enabling technologies and solutions along the value chain, required to reach long term sustainability for Europe in terms of global competitiveness, ecology and employment.

IMA-Europe is one of the founding members of A-SPIRE and its member companies have provided substantial contributions during the drafting of the SPIRE roadmap defining the objectives and deliverables of this ambitious project.

SPIRE has identified six building blocks for a resource and energy efficient process industry:

  1. FEED: optimal valorisation and smarter use of existing, alternative and renewable feedstocks,
  2. PROCESS: technologies and solutions for processing as well as industrial energy generation, harvesting and re-use,
  3. APPLICATIONS: new or adapted processes for materials with lower CO2 content, for energy efficiency applications or with properties that generate resource efficiency in applications down the value chain,
  4. WASTE2RESOURCE: methodologies, technologies and business solutions that turn waste into a resource.
  5. HORIZONTAL: underpinning the accelerated deployment of the R&D&I opportunities identified within SPIRE through sustainability evaluation tools and skills and education programmes as well as enhance the sharing of knowledge and best practices.
  6. OUTREACH: Reach out to the process industry, policy makers and citizens to support the realisation of impact through awareness, stimulating societal responsible behaviour.