Circular Economy

Circular economy objective is to maintain the value of products and materials for as long as possible, minimizing waste and using products that reached their end of life to create further value. Within a policy context, the concept of circular economy aims to transform the economy from a linear to a circular model, by promoting and putting into practice the recycling, recovery and re-use of end applications. The mining sector has embraced the concept of circular economy in its own processes, minimizing the negative impacts on the environment, the society and maximizing its favourable impact on the overall economy. Action at EU level can support the work done by the private sector driving investment, creating a level playing field and removing obstacles stemming from European legislation and its inadequate enforcement.

The EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy

The action plan of December 2015 outlines a set of general and material-specific actions, facing specific challenges due to the particularities of the value chains. DG Grow cooperates with other departments of the Commissions on the following areas:

  • Product design
  • Production processes
  • Consumption
  • From waste to resources (secondary raw materials)
  • Innovation, investment and other cross cutting issues

As part of the implementation of the action plan, in January 2018 the Commission also adopted a new set of measure: