Industrial Policy

Industrial Policy is one of the seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy. Its objectives are set out in the Communication on “an integrated industrial policy for the globalization era” (COM(2010) 614) which aims at “supporting a strong, diversified and competitive industrial base in Europe that offers well-paid jobs while generating less CO2 and using resources more efficiently”.  In the latest years the European Commission acknowledged that the industrial structure is undergoing deep technological transformation, needing a modernisation effort to ensure competitiveness in global markets. The EU industry must embrace technological change, develop technologies that use less energy, reduce waste and avoid pollution.


On September 2017, the Eropean Commission presented the renewed Industrial Policy Strategy which brings together all existing and new horizontal and sector specific initiatives into a comprehensive strategy. The Industry Day was also initiated together with a High-Level Industrial Roundtable to allow industry and civil society to steer industrial policy actions in the future. The main elements of the ne EU Industrial Strategy include:

  • A new series of actions on Circular economy.
  • Extension of the Skills agenda to new key industry sectors.
  • A strategy on Sustainable Finance.
  • A revised list of Critical Raw Materials.

Trough its strategy, the Commission aims at matching the industry of the future with the people living in it. To achieve this, the Commission is providing skills for the industry by improving the quality and relevance of training and education making skills more comparable and easing the recognition of qualifications. The access to finance should also be facilitated through Horizon 2020 (and the successor Horizon Europe) and COSME.

The European Commission aims to ensure coherence between industrial, environmental, climate and energy policy to create an optimal business environment for sustainable growth, job creation and innovation. To support this, the Commission will for instance: