Statistical and economic nomenclatures

A number of statistical and economic nomenclatures exist at international level. IMA-Europe monitors any developments in these nomenclatures, particularly NACE, Prodcom and CN. These classifications are used by Eurostat and the Member States, ensuring that data is comparable across the EU. 

Combined Nomenclature

The Combined Nomenclature (CN) is an 8-digit-code for the classification of goods, forming the basis for the declaration of goods at importation and exportation or when subject to intra-Union trade statistics. It also determines which rate of custom duty applies and how the goods are treated for statistical purposes. The latest version was applied from January 2018.


Prodcom is an 8-digit-classification for statistics on the production of manufactured goods. The first 4-digits correspond to NACE. Prodcom contains information on production quantity and value, as well as on external trade. Most product codes correspond to one or more Combined Nomenclature (CN) codes, but some do not. The Prodcom list is updated every year by the Prodcom expert group.


NACE is a four-digit classification providing the framework for collecting and presenting a large range of statistical data according to economic activity (e.g. GVA, employment, etc). It is a basic element of the international integrated system of economic classifications, which is based on classifications of the UN Statistical Commission (UNSTAT), Eurostat as well as national classifications; all of them strongly related each to the others, allowing the comparability of economic statistics produced worldwide by different institutions. NACE Rev. 2 is to be used, in general, for statistics referring to economic activities performed as from 1 January 2008 onwards.