Health & Safety

Workers Health & Safety is a priority subject for IMA-Europe. The Association aims at:

  • Promoting harmonisation and improvement in Workers Health & Safety in the Industrial Minerals Industry,
  • Developing a prevention culture in the industry,
  • Raising awareness and commitment on H&S matters amongst Industrial Minerals companies’ management.

Workers’ health & safety is at the core of IMA-Europe’s concerns and activities since its creation in 1993.

The extraction and processing of minerals generates dust emissions and those levels of dust need to be controlled in order not to harm workers’ health. Mineral dust may contain respirable crystalline silica which, when inhaled at high and repetitive doses over many years may cause silicosis.  Many initiatives are taken to prevent exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) (see Respirable Crystalline Silica and NEPSI).

The Association promotes risk prevention in general and in particular the elimination of accidents at work (falls from height, injuries while handling, lifting or carrying, contacts with machinery etc.)

IMA-Europe has been collecting data on dust exposure levels for more than 10 years (see IMA Dust Monitoring Programme) and, more recently, on accidents at work statistics in the sector (see Zero Injury Target). Recently, the association has joined the Safer by Design Initiative which aims at promoting the development of safer machines for the sector.

Since 2006, IMA-Europe is a partner of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work Campaigns (see Osha-EU Healthy Workplaces), the current campaign being dedicated to “Working Together for Risk Prevention”.

IMA-Europe promotes the monitoring, reporting, reviewing as well as improvement of health & safety performance in all its member companies. Excellence in safety will only be made possible through the involvement of all.