IMA-Europe has an active working group of experts dealing with all metrological aspects related to minerals.

The aims of this working group are to:

  • Monitor/contribute to analytical standards development for mineral determination (e.g. crystalline silica, nanos) in ambient air, workplace atmospheres and in bulk materials, and more particularly the SWeRF method.
  • Coordinate minerals specific analytical demands (e.g. quartz determination in various mineral matrices, detection limits, etc.)
  • Measurement/analysis of nano particles
  • Participate in ISO and CEN discussions & Review of CEN TC 137 and ISO TC 146 SC 2 activities.

One of the achievements of the Association in terms of metrology is certainly the development of the size-weighted potential respirable fraction (SWeRF) method for estimating the potential respirable particle fraction in bulk materials. The method is currently under CEN standardisation procedure.